A Deadly Thaw

28220875 A Deadly Thaw by Sarah Ward begins with a terrific, double mystery. A body turns up at an old morgue, but the victim was supposed to have been murdered fifteen years before. It’s up to DI Sadler and his team to figure out to whom the unidentified body belongs, and who was, in fact, murdered all those years before.

The premise of the mystery is very good, and there are some wonderful twists in the plot. It also deals with policing issues that are pertinent today. The characters are nicely detailed, and I enjoyed getting to know them.

What I had problems with were the motivations of some of the characters. While it makes sense that a traumatized victim would not want to turn to the police during a time of trouble, it doesn’t make sense that the person would willingly go to prison for fifteen years in order to avoid talking to them. There were several times that I couldn’t suspend my disbelief, and more than once, the motivation of certain characters left me scratching my head. Many times, I felt as if the characters were forced into actions in order to make the plot work instead of having the plot flow from their actions.

I enjoyed this book well enough to finish it, but I’m not sure I’ll read on in the series.