Hunted on the Fens Book Review

downloadHunted on the Fens by Joy Ellis is a face-paced mystery with on-your-toes suspense. I didn’t realize that it was part of an ongoing series, but now that I know, I’ll be coming back for more.

When DI Nikki Galena wakes to find her shed on fire, her world begins to spiral downhill. Someone is stalking her. Someone who thinks reparation is in order. But as Nikki struggles to understand what the reparation is, her comrades are being targeted one by one.

I enjoyed the setting of this novel as well as its characters. Sometimes in a crime book, the police and others in charge act like fools, but that wasn’t the case here. Everyone in the book was smart and did their jobs well. As the mystery’s clues were rolled out, it was fun to guess who the bad guy would be. The ending came as a bit of a surprise, almost too much of one, but in the end, things were tied together nicely.

One thing that did bother me was that some of the actions of the criminal were inconsistent. At times, the criminal was diabolical while at other times, he was almost helpful. And I was left with a few questions at the end of the book.

On the whole, however, this was a fun read, and one I’d definitely recommend.

[I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.]


Author: Coffee Shop Book Review

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